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Taiwan Exchanges Deer, goat For Pandas
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As The Mainland Prepares To Send Two Endangered Giant Pandas To Taiwan As A Gift, the Island Plans To Ship A Rare Goat-and-deer Duo In Return, officials Said Wednesday.

"In Keeping With Normal Practice For Exchanging Animals, we Need To Offer Species That Are Special To Taiwan, "Taipei City Spokesman Yang Hsiao-tung Said. "The Goat And The Deer Are Both Native. "The Goat And The Deer Are Both Native..

The Taipei City Zoo Will Donate A Sika Deer, a Critically Endangered Species, and A Formosan Serow, a Small But Agile Mountain Goat That's Also Seldom Seen Anymore In Taiwan.

The Mainland's Offer Of Pandas, a Gesture Of Goodwill To Taiwan Compatriots, had Been Rejected By The Former Government Led By Chen Shui-bian, but Current Leader Ma Ying-jeou Has Said He Would Welcome Them.

The Combined Names Of The Gift Pandas Mean "unite" While The Names Of Taiwan's Goat-deer Duo Together Mean "forever" .

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