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Reflect the public many non-standard plaque Mongolian
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"Now a lot of plaque on the street is wrong Mongolian, including district offices, schools and other units in the same way." Oct. 13, member of the public Road Lang Kim told reporters reflect such a phenomenon.

Day, follow the road reporter visited with Mr. Young Road, Wenzhou, pedestrian street, forward Road, Bayan Obo and roads a few blocks and found seventy-eight Mongolian non-standard units and shops. These include Inner Mongolia University of Technology School of Continuing Education in front of "vocational and technical training of persons with disabilities Baotou Base" tablet, tablet alcohol and tobacco shops, audio line, jewelry stores, general merchandise native, convenience stores, Dental Clinic, restaurants and so on. The plaque on the unit or shop is not Mongolian before and after the error is reversed. Lang Road, King said, and some error translated into Chinese, Mongolian, meaning is completely changed; some Mongolian writing error, caused simply not words, and people do not understand. Although there is no error text, but the Mongolian font is very small, location is not obvious, even the characters are not one-tenth of the area that can not see standing in the distance.

According to Mr. Tao, a year ago he had with the Inner Mongolia University of Technology School of Continuing Education in touch, but so far no reply, plaque did not correct; You-surface plaque on the Mongolian king errors to their boss, he reflected, have been the answer is "irrelevant, not correct."

Road, said, "Inner Mongolia is a Mongolian settlement, the Mongolian written in the plaque, that is for the convenience of viewing the Mongolian people. Now so many mistakes, simply from the convenience becomes misleading. Since it is going to write the Mongolian language to Write to write to the written specifications, or not to become a decorated it? and some units, and the school that happens, it not to be a joke? "

Reporter interviewed the owner of a Doufu Fang Lee, Lee said, the business sector, when the registration requirements of the business license must be Mongolian plaque shops, each replacement license will be checked when the Mongolian written is correct, but no Mongolian font size provides.

Mr. Tao said that he grew to learn Mongolian and Chinese, can speak both languages to write. However, many people will only speak and write Mongolian Mongolian, simply do not understand Sage. So many mistakes on a plaque, travel and activities to bring them great inconvenience.

13, the reporter linked to the Ethnic Affairs Committee of Baotou City, a Mongolian Branch staff of that unit for the establishment of a plaque should be made to the district level Qixian seal of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, Ethnic Affairs and then to Baotou sealed in order to operate. On the plaque should be to the Mongolian city of Baotou Translation Center under the Commission after the production of translations.

The National Bureau of Religious Affairs Queensland staff member surnamed Zhang, said that many businesses are now less than a translation center translation, but to find small companies that are not formal or website translation. And the plaque hanging in the production and when no one supervision. Thus, in the process of plaque in the National Bureau of Religious Affairs made no supervision, only found problems in the inspection and supervision. The road more Baotou City, National Bureau of Religious Affairs are fewer job difficult, I hope the masses to supervision and reporting.

Clues for journalists, Zhang said, the next day will be sent for inspection and correction, issued a correction notice period, fifteen days, if not corrected, will be under the "social market Mongolia Baotou Hanwen and use regulations" for punishment.

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