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Blind cover letter handed one thousand employees can use computers to transla
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Wang Jun on our appointment with the place "looked around", but completely unaware of one meter outside the reporters around him frequently. Even though it looked like normal people now, but he is indeed blind. Graduation three years, although the formal institutions of undergraduate students through the financial system screen reader software browse the web, send and receive E-mail, operating software stocks, skilled use of business English, However, the issue of a thousand letters later, still no company willing to hire him. By law, the employment of a blind man such as Wang Jun, the equivalent of hiring two people with disabilities. In desperation, the self-proclaimed "Blind Man" of young people in the community forum, sent a special letter of application. Recently, we went into the home of Wang Jun, listening to him tell the story behind the cover. Kid from football to Radio Otaku Wang Jun has done a lot of young dreams grow up to become scientists, musicians, superman (Superman) and so on, he thought. Can be elevated in the middle of that year started the "night blindness", let him know he may be suffering from a Rare eye disease - retinitis pigmentosa, the disease if the deterioration, and ultimately blindness. "Some people are born because of this disease can not see, and some to five or six years old will be worse, I do not know they are lucky or unlucky." Wang Jun said. While normal vision all the way to college, after junior year can be He felt a little wrong. "I like playing football, starting striker, was almost a vision to play midfield, defender, and then I can not play out." However, the difficulties with the football than learning even greater difficulties. Because they have basically not read, can not normally take notes, so each class he would bring a tape recorder to record the contents of the classroom Come back after repeated listening, until the mind. Guangdong University of Business Qiao Lin, professor emeritus still remember there was such a student: "learning very seriously, never take the initiative to us learning difficulties." In an examination, Lin found that the students Lying on the table almost word for word to see the content on paper. "I give him a big and famous for the paper, but found he was struggling, so I made application for school leaders arranged for him a separate interview. "
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