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Solzhenitsyn "Red Wheel" grind out the world of literary translation in China "
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Translation of foreign literature, is an almost forgotten in the barren areas by the public. When the number of foreign best-selling book in the form of the Chinese version to seize the national best-seller lists, they have never entered the Chinese translator public view. Recently, Nobel Prize winner in literature, the Russian literary master Solzhenitsyn's epic run out of life, energy to complete the works - "Red Wheel," published in Chinese version, the long-forgotten literary translation once again drew attention. The literary giant of Chinese literature translation system is a major industry projects, nine translator took 3 years to complete. And this not meant selling literature in translation is complete, then wait two years before they finally have the opportunity to publish, and two of them do not wait until the translation of the book publishing house, it had already passed away. A "red wheel" rolling out the red blood of Chinese literary translation world's wounds ... ... Professor nine years translated "Red Wheel" is not published "Red Wheel" is a Nobel Prize winner Solzhenitsyn's largest sub-masterpiece of a macro system, is currently the most ambitious space in the history of world literature, the most voluminous voluminous historical events reflected in the longest time span of a novel. Fiction 20 volumes, each 2-4, 40-70 million words each. This masterwork of a macro, the translation team is a strong exception. Li Yong told reporters planner book, the book uses a total of nine Russian translation, all college Russian experts. For this purely literary works, Yong admits that it does not have much market value, but the publication of important literary significance. Li Yong and even laments the story behind the publication of the book, is enough to write into a book. Translations of the book is completed in 2008, but not published in a very long time. The reason, said Li Yong, one huge book, a total of 500 million words, the market is not optimistic about sales, transfer no one took several publishers; the second was the publication of too much input. Professor spent 9 years of hard work translated, two of them had passed away did not wait for the book published, no one specifically to take care of this matter; and, select the appropriate translators and partners to find translators are also pre-approved by a large problem. As is the Russian masterpiece, many publishers are looking for a Russian translator, after the targeting of Jilin Normal University in the Northeast Normal University and experts focused on two Russian universities, the end is what Mao, Li Wanchun, Hu Chun Chun, Zhu Baohuan, Wuxue Shan, Cheung Tat-ming, Xia Guangzhi , Linquan Sheng, Li et al 9 Russian experts as a book translator. The youngest of nine experts, has 61 years of age, the oldest 80 years old, and they are also the lowest in the title of Associate Professor. Revised version of the translator 140 million words of copy more than six months Li Wanchun translator, one of the nine interviewed in that general translation of foreign literary works, only one or two translators can, however, when up to three. The "Red Wheel" has been adopted by such a large translation team, because the translation itself, the amount is too great, "the text of 500 million and more, rely on two or three people can not be completed." To demonstrate the difficulty of this work, Li Wanchun said he was responsible for the "Red Wheel" series in the second part of the third translation of 700,000 words, "I spent two years to translate, but all his spare time, I do not will use the computer, the 70 million words, I am full of hand-written translation, in order to ensure the quality of translation, I am 700,000 words for a second draft of the amendments, a total I wrote more than 140 million words, light copying these words, I use 6 months! " Not only a heavy workload, such as translation of the Solzhenitsyn works of literature all its terms and language are all potential translators is a great test. Li Wanchun revealed that he found in translation, Solzhenitsyn has its own unique language style, often in their original wording in the number of words to which the translator, it is very difficult. Participating in another translation translator Barbara Hu also said that "red wheel" involved in a lot of foreign knowledge of history, background events, place names, data translation requires a lot of reading to prepare for the workload of ordinary people can not imagine. Because the translation work is too difficult, two of this manuscript was submitted to the hands of several experts in Beijing, but experts did only six months to result bit too hard and dropped out. 70 million words translated million yuan in compensation, but Such a huge amount of work, remuneration for translators become a topic of concern. Hu, 61, Barbara has been on the phone very easy to say: "In fact, we had simply not thought about how much money could get, that can translate the works of an author so it is very proud proud of. Then procrastinated , and our only wish is to be out as long as the book is extremely thankful. "and Li Wanchun frankly speaking, this is a literary work, not with market value, we do not expect to rely on translation of it to make money. Under repeated questioning by reporters, Li Wanchun disclosed that more than 70 million words translated, the translation of his remuneration is 1 million yuan, while the other translation of the text a little less the expert, royalties less than a million. Li Wanchun teacher interviews also revealed that the recently published book market, publishers did not produce economic benefits, they, the translator has yet to get paid, "but there is no relationship, to participate in the" red wheel "that the great works of translation, we feel is a meaningful thing, we do not expect relied on to make money. " Interview that several translators on the returns do not care what they put it up, is published in translation difficulties encountered after the heartache. Wu Chun Chun told reporters that when the "Red Wheel" after the publication was delayed down, everyone's heart sink, "like their own children as sick." Today, the "Red Wheel," was published, took part in the translation of 9 people, has two dead, sentimental Barbara Hu said: "Regrettably it is a pity, but out of the book can still be happy." Sigh translator called peer adhere to the "German translation" "Red Wheel" hard behind the translator, literary translation in China reflects the reality of a difficult world situation. Hu was widely pointed out sharply that low income is not high degree of social concern, poor quality of translation is the translation industry is now a common problem. Li Wanchun also told reporters that his daughter is now an excellent French university professionals, most recently, a publishing house to find his daughter, hoping she translated a French best-selling book of the manuscript, but for only one month, and that Department of the manuscript there are 13 million words. "My daughter finally rejected, because such a short time, the translation of such a large amount can not guarantee the quality of translation. But I know there are many publishing houses are now so many foreign best-selling book in the operation. This hasty translation, quality How to guarantee? " Hu is also an interview with Barbara laments: "Now the interests of society demand too much, too utilitarian, and as a translator while in enough to eat or should adhere to the 'translation ethics'. Translation is a very sacred thing, want to book responsibility of the authors, but also to readers of our people responsible for the good quality. I really hope that our people not to sell his soul for money translation, translation is a re-creation process, we have to be a good creator. " Chinese literature in translation industry which is facing difficulties, encountered what pain? Mixed team of translators face how embarrassing situation, they will go from here? Newspaper will continue to focus on coverage.
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