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Sino-British negotiations the Chinese translation of Yang Cheng Yan Geng peace
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Sino-British negotiations on the future of Hong Kong the British translation of the Chinese translation of Zheng and Yang Ping Geng Yan, the already formed couple, and settled in Beijing. Both the Sino-British negotiations on the understanding of the late former Governor Edward visited during the development of the private feelings, Jiangsu, China will lead to an emergency transferred Geng Yan, but they would still cross the background, experience and age differences, and eventually became dependents. According to the U.S. "World News" reported Xinhua News Agency before the United States settled Xu Jiatun has met with local compatriots, revealed a little known place in his side's "peach event", the heroine is his early Sino-British negotiations The English translation of foreign affairs secretary and former Chinese Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Geng Yan Geng Biao's daughter, a man for the then British Hong Kong government's chief translator Zheng Yang Ping. Geng Yan Ping Yang Zheng surprised though never go abroad to study, but it can put a pure Oxford, Geng Yan Zepei serving as the Yang-Ping Cheng Cantonese Putonghua standard, on-site interpreters reaction wonders, both sympathetic to develop personal feelings.
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