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Olympians for the first time into the stadium as a part-time training Translati
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TOM AP Zhang Haiyan, Gong Yao Lanzhou, Beijing September 19 report, the Beijing Olympians club team arrived in Lanzhou, the rest day, went to the stadium this Ya Jubei - Maryland Stadium for training, familiar with the venue. For sub-20 club competition is about to go to war. Olympians in Beijing at 11:00 on the 19th to reach the gym, when South Korea Thunder team is still in training venues, ten minutes later withdrawal of South Korean team stadium, the Olympians came to the training venue. Before the training, coach Paul - consider this a very very special meaning advice What Ya Jubei rules, clearly is the use of FIFA's rules, and the suspension of the first half times 2 times per session, the second half suspended three times per session, plus the time pause time before starting to lead the players training. Olympians team first conducted a simple fixed-point shooting practice were shooting from beyond the arc for five points, even the masters of center Zhang Songtao is no exception, but the tree's ability to significantly less than one-third of accurate shooting ability inside, even the loss of three ball. Simple shooting training, the Olympians players on the sidelines to start a simple stretching exercises. Huang seashells still stretching the most serious person, the most adequate preparations to do. Preparations, the players started against the practice. Training, back section of super-charged with the responsibilities of the commander, had been shouting the name of a variety of tactics to remind his teammates perform. Practice in the fight against coach Paul - Harcourt told the players, pay attention to where the ball should have been, the players follow the ball's movement would also be appropriate to move it. Training process, the older players yellow seashells, Duan Chao, Zhang Songtao also acts as a translation of the role of coach to explain the intent of the small players. Next, the Olympian players are put on the training of different color clothes, the half-court confrontation. In the yellow sea shells after the successful implementation of a tactical, Paul coach also praised the applause: "Well done!"
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