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English of science and technology translates skill
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Summary: The article basically was elaboratedScience and technologyEnglishInterpreterSkillAnd the criterion that should abide by

Keyword: English of science and technology; Passive voice; The noun changes a structure

Our Scientists and Technologists often needs to understand the state that international home traffic develops in the job, draw lessons from domestic and international advanced science and technology or undertake academic communication, should browse inevitably many foreign language books and periodicals and magazine. Although we are inLearnThousands of word mastered on the foundation of common EnglishVocabularyQuantity, but to books and periodicals of English of science and technology consult to still have greater difficulty.

English of science and technology (English For Science And Technology, normally slightly EST) , it can part company with common English, form an independent course, very main reason depends on it having the characteristic that is different from common English, author him basis is translated for yearsExperience, think we want to master a few kinds of among them skill.

One, should have a dictionary of good science and technology above all

After learning common English a few years, you master the vocabulary of thousands of word about, at this moment you can discover English is had extremely the vocabulary of rich and colorful, but in article of science and technology, can headache to many terminology and term again. Some words are obscure and difficult, big and long, look fearsome, be like Posttention (hind tensioning force) , prefabricate (prefab) , the meaning is simpler, want to look up a dictionary to go only. Some words are removing the action that hold the balance in the article. Light guesses by context meaning among them meaning won'ts do. Have a lot of words additionally for instance this compares Negotiate the meaning that common is “ negotiation ” , but appear in “negotiate A Bad Turn” when it in this phrase, interpret negotiates into “ ” is improper, check checking a dictionary to know is the meaning that “ passes ” smoothly, the choice when be being translated so is the most appropriate in specific language environment. A dictionary of good science and technology can become your good teacher and helpful friend, recommend for this author " English-Chinese road dictionary " " big dictionary of Chinese-English science and technology " two better dictionaries.

2, passive voice is used in great quantities in English of science and technology

Passive voice is the basiccest in common English
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