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The foreigner thinks " the fuel that add a dot "
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The foreigner thinks " the fuel that add a dot "ChinaCheer " it is an Olympic Games during most often hear, also be most canorous 4 words. "That sound, be full of rhythm feeling so, the person that cry so orderly. More and more foreigners want to figure out why to want to cry ' Jiayou ' , is not ' China ' reason. " netizen Zhang Fang is written in his sina rich guest.

Cannot find essence of life to allowInterpreter

Chinese audience understands to make a foreigner better " China is cheered " the meaning of 4 words, it is Refueling China in the interpreter on the T-shirt directly. But foreigner more feel do not wear brains. " new York Times " Fu Lee says reporter Jenny: "Have a white T-shirt that middleaged man wears, writing above ' China, cheer! ' , but English annotate is however ' Refueling China! (China, the fuel that add a dot) ' " . Jenny nots say.

Zhang Fang notices a foreign countryFriendpuzzle, his discovery is in English, the word that cannot find a completely accurate correspondence it seems that will translate " cheer " . Zhang Fang writes in rich guest: "Still be some interpreters of course, be like ' Let ' S Go, ' ' Go, team! Go! ' , etc, but cannot a well and truly Chinese this ' cheer ' come out the most accurately without by accident interpreter. But cannot a well and truly Chinese this ' cheer ' come out the most accurately without by accident interpreter..

The netizen suggests to be transliterated directly

On website of a lot of abroad very on igneous BBS, a lot of people stick a problem, ask " What Is Ji-ayou In Chinese? " (namely, "Jiayou, ' cheer ' inEnglishWhat meaning be after all in? " ) .

In rich guest comment, the netizen thinks: The interpreter becomes English actually very simple, SPEED UP! Already short there is no lack of again rhythm, accord with a requirement completely.

Went to Zhang Fang's Bo Wentie very quickly with respect to somebody new China forum. Netizen " desolate childe " proposal: We take the opportunity, give them " creation " new English word, namely Chinese character phoneticize is English word directly, the hope can take the advantage of a whole world to rectify tonsorial cloth as soon as possible in attention China. "Bean curd Tofu " , " kongfu KungFu " such is opposite interpret word, also hope to be able to take the advantage of this opportunity to be corrected to international society.

(southern Metropolis Daily)

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